Selection Criteria

Our criteria are somewhat subjective, and a given application may have more of some and less of others, and still be acceptable.

We evaluate your application by asking ourselves, will this affiliate…

  1. Enhance our brand?
  2. Provide our potential customers a good experience?
  3. Meet our minimum standards?
  4. Meet promotion-method-specific standards?

Enhance our brand

Like any business, we’re looking for partners to enhance our brand, as we hope we will for you. This should be more than just making sales.

Provide a good experience

We look to partner with sites that provide a good experience for visitors. God knows, there are enough low quality sites out there, so let’s use our skills and resources to make the internet a nicer place to be, eh?

Minimum standards

All affiliates must be willing to sign the written agreement, must be 18 years of age or older.

There are eight main areas that all classes of affiliates must match or exceed:

  1. Language
  2. Context
  3. Design
  4. Application supporting info
  5. Deeper links
  6. Free hosting
  7. Advertising
  8. Domain name


It’s common for affiliates to use language that is demeaning to women in an effort to make sales, but is quite particular in the language we allow to be used in association with us. Affiliates must present models respectfully with all written material, including the domain name itself.

The context in which AW material is promoted (see below for specifics) is just as important as the actual pages affiliates make, and will be taken into account.

Unacceptable words include (but are not limited to) “cunt”, “bitch”, “slut”, or “whore”. Other violent or demeaning language is not acceptable. Language that implies or infers models may be under 18 are not acceptable. If unsure, review the ASACP page of unacceptable terms.

Language exhorting users to participate is not acceptable (eg, “cum and fill her holes”), as is language that infers a personal relationship (eg, “here’s a pic I took of my girlfriend”), or language that is obviously untrue (eg, “I saw these two babes getting it on, and filmed them too!”).

Swear words may be acceptable (eg, “Fuck, check her out!”), but are not encouraged. Like so many things, use of swear words depends on the context: “fuckable babe” is not acceptable, nor is “I’d fuck her!”.

We’re always looking to encourage affiliates who use empowering words – weak ones like “beautiful”, “babe”, “sexy”, “awesome”, etc are fine, but words like “empowered” itself, “in control”, “having fun”, “self exploration” are always preferred.

“sexy” or sexually charged language may be acceptable, but this can be a slippery slope.


In general, sites that display content significantly outside our genre are not accepted. This includes B&D fetish, trans-gender, and other extreme niche content.

Depending on the style, the presence of male-female sex may not be accepted. For example,, and anything from would not be accepted, but promoting may be.

Comparable sites that are accepted include Femjoy, Domai, Met-Art, ISM, IFM, BA, Hegre archives, FTV, Sapphic erotica, IFG, and ATK.

Exceptions can be made if the reviewer feels there are synergies in how the site (or, the sites promoted by the affiliate) operate. So, an exception would be, any site under the umbrella, despite being from different genres.


Design skills are helpful. An example of good design is the blog site An otherwise excellent site won’t be rejected for poor design, but design is considered in the overall evaluation.

Also, relatively good design but poor execution is also considered a negative. That is, how easy is it for the user to find what he wants? If the site is difficult to navigate or is confusing, that is a negative.

Application supporting info

Writing additional information in your application can be useful. The detail and usefulness will inform us as much as the links you provide. We will focus on what you write about how you think should be promoted.

Applications without notes are not rejected out of hand, but those that take the time to communicate are viewed favourably.

Viewed very positively: Communication of new or specific ways to promote the site. Even if the idea seems silly, if it’s not been done before, this is very positive, especially if the applicant can demonstrate a sample.

Broken links

An odd broken link or two is acceptable, but more than that indicates you may be not a responsible webmaster, and are uncaring about the experience of an end user (our potential customer).

Deeper links

We will follow some off-domain links to see where they lead. While content on off-domain links are not be the responsibility of the affiliate, we do look at who you’re associated with, and how those sites are set up.

Deceptive links (links that say they are going to a specific place, but when followed, go somewhere else) are unacceptable. We know some affiliates aim to trick web users into viewing content they did not ask for, in the hope they will like it anyway, and buy a subscription. It happens so much that presumably this must work, but it’s not something we want to be associated with.

Free Hosting

Some web hosting companies provide their services for free to affiliates, but add adverts to the top of every page. These ads are invariably ugly, and usually crass. The adverts often scroll with the page when the viewer scrolls down. The hosting company chooses advertisers, and affiliates have no control over its type, format, changing, size, colours – anything.

Affiliates that use freehosts with this kind advertising for their pages are never accepted.


Unlike freehosts, we know some affiliates supplement their revenue stream by consciously placing advertising – usually banner ads – on their sites. The ads are usually animated, annoying and distracting, and lower the quality of experience for end users.

This kind of advertising does not rule an affiliate out, but excessive use invariably lowers the quality of the experience of the end user.

Domain name

Generally, we do not mind what domain name the affiliate uses, but there are two exceptions:

  1. When the domain name contains unacceptable language (per the specification above, under Language)
  2. The domain name is based on the name “abby winters”. This may be with a country suffix (like, adding punctuation (, a deliberate typo (, or any of many other types.

The second domain name issue occurs regularly, where an affiliate sees an opportunity to cash in on a domain name.

To become an affiliate, we require affiliates transfer ownership of the domain to us. That affiliate is welcome to use the domain name to make AW sales for as long as they like, assuming they meet other requirements.

Class specific criteria

We divide affiliate applications into classes or promotion, to help us manage them, and provide better support. The classes are currently:

  1. Class-less
  2. Review sites
  3. TGP
  4. Blogs
  5. Paysites
  6. Google AdWords


Of course, Some sites may not fall into our class system. This is a good thing – we want to hear from you!

Review sites

We’re looking for review sites that present of a complete and honest picture of a paysite. When evaluating a review site, we look at their reviews of some sites in our category, like ATK, FTV, Hegre, Sapphic Erotica etc. Are the reviews full-bodied, well written, and thorough? We pay attention to mechanics of grammar, thoroughness, and length.

While longer is not necessarily better, and shorter is not necessarily bad, in general longer reviews tend to give potential customers a better idea of what they are buying.

Making a good review site is a lot of work, so we do not get many applications that have done the hard yards (we get plenty from people who have made a poor effort, however).

We look at the range of scores of sites – are they all over, say, 85%? There’s simply no way every site you review is that good. We consider if we want to associate with someone like that.

We look who is topping your top “amateur” and “girl-girl” lists – are they our legitimate competition? Or just low quality sites with poor content and lots of affiliates promoting them?

Because review sites tend to review from all genres, our rules on cross promotion are relaxed, but we still require that the rest of the site comply with our content presentation rules. We compare your site to for some of our evaluation. It’s hard to do better than them.


We evaluate the TGP’s you submit to, and the design of the pages you have submitted.

When evaluating an application from one of these sites, we look for design elements, attitude, and presentation, that are unique and eye-catching. Language used is most often an issue with TGP applicants, closely followed by design issues.

We look for misleading links. We believe an image in a TGP should link to a gallery of more images (or video) that match (of course, sometimes, it will link to another TGP, or a gallery of images that are un-related). That’s a misleading link. An occasional one is OK, but more than one out of 20 is not acceptable.

We look at the kind of images there. We know that not all will be ones that match our own style, but we look out for these things that make it unacceptable:

  • Apparently underage models
  • Violence
  • Focused on a genre other than ours (girl-boy, cum shots, TS, etc)

We assess your gallery design skills. We look to see if you have cobbled together you own graphics, or used your sponsor sites graphics.

A note on FHG’s

We do not currently offer FHG’s, but we may in the future.


In general, we like blogs, and many blog applicants are approved to promote AW.

We assess the amount of content (at least 3 pages of posts), frequency of posts (at least one each two weeks, since inception), and content and length of the raves.

As the focus of a blog is journalistic writing, it must be technically correct. Stylistically, it needs to be readable, and interesting – humour is always great.


We assess the amount of content in your archives (at least 20 shoots), type of content (not too fetishy), frequency of updates (at least one per week), and location on the site where we would be promoted (we want to be front and centre where your members can see us!).

We accept pay sites that are generally compatible with our attitude, presentation methods, and if they can link to us in a prominent position. AW appearing on your links page may be acceptable, if you are good in all other areas.

Particularly good sites that reflect our values and genre, that we expect our customers would be interested in, may be listed in our exclusive Peers page by invitation only.

AW likes to support new and upcoming sites, and especially sites who add to the overall quality of the industry – socially, ethically, and creatively.


We require the affiliate discuss with us what keywords they will use to promote our site.

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