Resources – banners

We have a bunch of banners available for affiliates to use as necessary, choose whichever ones you like.

If you have an ad-blocker enabled, you should disable it for this domain, to see these resources. 😉

Banner sizes

250×250 – square

125×125 – square button

300×250 – medium rectangle

180×150 – rectangle

728×90 – leaderboard

Please note: These banners have been scaled down slightly to fit on the page. Please right click and save or right click and view image to see the full size.

468×60 – full banner

160×600 – wide skyscraper

120×600 – skyscraper

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  • Primary colour palette

    Colour options for web consists of our 4 primary colours. In addition there is a selection of secondary colours to choose from for support elements, borders and backgrounds.
    Primary colours
    Secondary colours
    Grey 1#DDDDDD
    Grey 2#CCCCCC
    Grey 3#999999
    Grey 3#555555
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