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We require affiliate candidates to submit an application to promote We will evaluate your application, and respond to you with an answer, usually in under 16 business hours. The more details you provide, the better we’ll be able to evaluate your application, and the more favourably your application will be viewed.

Process Overview

  1. Affiliate reads Selection Criteria Guidelines and Agreement
  2. Affiliate applies to promote
  3. Application is assessed for suitability
  4. Affiliate provides with contact info to create an Agreement
  5. Agreement is then emailed to Affiliate
  6. Affiliate signs and returns agreement scan
  7. AW Forum and GMB accounts created and content groups assigned as necessary
  8. Affiliate creates demo page or promotion method for review and works with until approved
  9. Once approved the affiliate account is enabled and ready for sales
IMPORTANT! Some mail providers treat our emails as spam. We may email you from these domains: and To be sure of our response reaching you, please add these domains to your email white-list.

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Note: if you have already written your review, please include it in the notes field.

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Please provide any additional information you feel may be relevant, to help us evaluate your application.

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