Application Process

Like you, we’re here to make money, but we’re interested in long term sustained profitability – we’re not a fly-by-night operator, and don’t work with people who are.

Unlike most adult sites, we do not allow webmasters to just join and start promoting right away. Webmasters need to tell us a bit about their proposed promotion method, each application is assessed by our staff, then evaluated on a number of (public) criteria.

Affiliates selected to join us promote AW appropriately represent our brand (the collection of the AW site, our models, and our philosophy).

Declined affiliate applications receive a response indicating reasons in detail. Declining an application does not represent a judgment about the value or morality of your site; rather, it represents a business decision that we make about how we want our brand to be represented. Declined webmasters are welcome to re-apply.

Those selected affiliates enter into a written agreement with us, start promotion, and watch the sales roll in!

The graphic below shows our affiliate application, evaluation and approval process. It looks complicated, but the system is designed for swift processing – you can get your first payout as fast as two weeks.


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