Affiliate FAQs

FAQ for potential affiliates

Why are you so restrictive when accepting new affiliates?

We need to maintain the quality of our brand, so we require our business partners to commit to certain quality standards. This will enhance our brand, and make it easier for you to make sales in the future.

Why are there so many hoops to jump through?

Two reasons:

  1. We want you to be completely informed about our expectations, so you can make a decision with all the information
  2. We need to satisfy ourselves that you’re going to work in both our interests

I want to change some clauses in the agreement before I sign it…?

This may be an option, but it’s pretty unlikely. You’re certainly welcome to ask. The more background information you can provide, the more likely we are to make the changes you request.

How does the application process work?

Please see the page Application Process.

How do I know if my application will be accepted?

The best way is to read the Selection Criteria, match on the requirements listed under “common” and your preferred affiliate class. By making these criteria available, we hope that you will self-assess, and only apply when you’re sure of success. That saves time for everyone.

If you’re not certain, go ahead and apply – we’ll review, and if not accepted, we’ll let you know in detail why you were rejected.

How do you know I will comply with all your rules?

First, we provide detailed and clear guidelines and rules, then we monitor affiliates work retro-actively (that is to say, you start promotion, and we review it. If there’s a problem, we let you know).

We perform regular spot checks on affiliates. Breaking some rules will result in a caution, some rules broken result in penalties, other rules are immediate termination of your account. Subsequent breaches will be dealt with more harshly.

The rules themselves are detailed in the Acceptable Use Policy of the Affiliate Agreement, a document we’ll both sign and keep before promotion starts.

I read something about affiliates being culled for poor performance…?

We choose to deal with affiliates who are high performers. We do not tolerate affiliates who use our name and content, but do not generate sales above certain levels. These levels vary by class (see the Selection Criteria page), but are not made public.

The levels we maintain are reasonable, and affected by what other affiliates are doing. Every affiliate is compared against others in their class, and those significantly trailing the pack are subject to a performance review.

Initially, our staff will work with you to increase sales, and affiliates will be given opportunity to increase their sales. If you are not able to bring sales up to an acceptable level over the agreed time-frame, your account will be terminated. Of course, we’ll let you know well ahead of time!

FAQ for existing affiliates

Am I getting rebills? How do I tell?

In GMB, go to the detailed report for each sub-account. The “Recurring” field is set to “n” if the transaction is an original sale, and “y” if it is a rebill.

The “Recurring” field is set to “n” for every transaction! Aren’t I getting rebills?

Yes. This field means, “Is this transaction a rebill?” All transactions sent to a sub-account that pays rebills are paid rebills when they occur. To see if the sub-account you’re interested in pays rebills or not, looking at “Payout Arrangements” in the details for each sub-account.

My sales are low. Why?

No idea. Looks good on our end. If you’re concerned about getting credit, do a test join (make sure to set your own cookie first – visit your site, and take the path you expect your customers to take). Send us the subscription ID when you’re done and we’ll verify credit and refund it. There is no fee for this but of course you don’t get paid for a refunded join.

How do I do a test join?

Doing a test join helps ascertain is everything is working right. You must do what a customer does.

(1) Clear all GMB and CCB cookies. If already set, these will confuse the result of this test.

(2) Get your own GMBill (and, if using merged links, a CCBill) cookie set in the same way a potential customer would: search for keywords on Google (if you use AdWords), go to a gallery page (if you do TGP), go to your blog if you’re a blogger, etc.

(3) Click on the link that sends the potential customers to this will set the cookie. Go through the entire join process. Enter a username that includes your four-digit Aff ID.

(4) Log into GMB Admin with your affiliate details, and see if the sale shows up (stats are updated hourly, so you may have to wait a bit, or time your join carefully).

(5) Once you have seen the results (below) be sure to contact Customer Support (or me) and ask them to refund your subscription – quote your username, and advise that you’re an affiliate doing a test join.

If the sale does not show in your GMB account, there’s a deeper problem somewhere – let us know, and we’ll help you solve it.

If the sale does show up, you know that all is well.

What can I do to increase sales?

Generally, we do not offer pointers to affiliates about increasing sales. Doing so puts us in the position of telling affiliates how to run their business, which is place we do not want to go.

Can I use content from Site XYZ next to your stuff?

If it complies with the AUP, yes. We do not express judgments about the value of particular sites or dictate how they should be presented beyond what is in the AUP. If you’re concerned, please ask us.

Can I have more content?

This question is left to the discretion of the Affiliate Administrator.  However, the following general principles apply. Additional content can be granted if:

  • The affiliate has a good sales history
  • The affiliate can demonstrate why they need it
  • The affiliate is willing to negotiate a new limit
  • The affiliate has a clear idea of what the extra content will be used for

When will new content of this, that, or the other type, be available?

Content is added to groups based on what it looks like, and the affiliate team is limited to the content that is shot by the production teams.  We can’t provide you with more hairy (or any other kind) material than they produce.

Affiliate so-and-so is being bad! Here’s the URL. What are you going to do about it?

We investigate every complaint about our affiliates; however, as a matter of policy, we will not discuss the complaint with you further. If we take action, you may or may not see or understand what it is. Or, the behavior you’re pointing out may be permissible or the result of an exception granted to the affiliate in question. If that is the case, we cannot discuss it with you.

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