Why promote abbywinters.com?

Welcome to the abbywinters.com affiliate website!

Affiliates accepted into the abbywinters.com affiliate program have the opportunity to promote one of the highest-rated, well respected, most ethical and most profitable sites on the web.

The abbywinters.com affiliate program is a little different than other programs. Our unique selling points are different, we have different requirements and ask some different things of our affiliates. This website offers you the fundamental things you’ll need to know before applying, as well as setting up if you are accepted as an affiliate.

Unlike some affiliate programs, we believe working with affiliates is a collaborative business relationship, and like any business relationship, there needs to be an agreement of the terms, methods for review, and a spirit of working together to achieve common goals. Some of this start up may seem a little onerous, but we can assure you it’s worthwhile.

You can learn more about our business on our Careers site, our Model recruitment site, our DVD site, our Press site, and our Ventures site.

    Affiliate Program Benefits

  • Extreme Conversions
  • High volume joins
  • Average sale of $50!
  • Limited number of affiliates
  • Kickass tours
  • Unique content is king
  • Customer and model interaction
  • Unique selling tools
  • Excellent support
  • Weekly payouts
  • Cascading billing

abbywinters.com Affiliate Program benefits

Extreme Conversions

Traffic converts extremely well on abbywinters.com. We maintain three sites (solo girl, girl-girl, and video masturbation), meaning any amateur aficionado is more likely to join. Our best webmasters convert at 1:25, but 1:200 is more common, and certainly still impressive.

High volume joins

Our best webmasters make around 100 joins a week!

Average sale of $50!

Due to our extremely high quality of content and unique cross selling to our customers, the average sale is around $40. With our 50% split, you get $20 for each sale… and each rebill!

Limited number of affiliates

We limit the number of webmasters we work with, which means it’s hard to join the club, but when you are in, you see action! Our material is not thrashed to death on the net, there’s not much competition, meaning you can present something unique and different to get surfers interested. We perform regular culling of low-performing webmasters to keep the system clean, and your competitors few!

Kickass tours

Our tour is long – but not too long – and comprehensive. The samples are actual size, and there’s a lot of them. We have three five-minute videos on the tour that show the breadth and depth of our content. While some surfers might be sated with the content on the tour, we know the real aficionados are here for the long haul. They figure, if we have that much on our tour, how much will we have in the members area!? They are never disappointed – that’s why they join, and stay a member.

Unique content is king

Our content is unique: natural, Aussie amateur girls. Unlike other “amateur” sites out there, we don’t dress our amateur models like hookers, or get them to behave like porn stars. They are just regular girls, being sexy as hell, and our customers love that.

We shoot every single piece of content on our site in house, meaning we can maintain high retention of our customers because they know the quality they can expect.

We started in October 2000, and have more than 450,000 images, more than 1,300 unique models, and around 900 hours of video (check the site-map for detailed info).

We add 7 updates a week to the site, one every day.

Customer and model interaction

We know that community is key to customer retention, so we maintain a thriving, vibrant site that members, models and staff enjoy.

  • Forums: We have around 10 models a week posting on our forums, interacting with members, posting raunchy and personal images of themselves shot at home. Members interact with each other, models and AW staff.
  • Behind the Scenes: We post several “pictures of the day” straight from the location of shoots, giving a sneak peak of what content is coming up, and insight into the extraordinary production process (some our shooters are female, all of them have been models, and models are shot in their own homes).
  • Tagging: We maintain an advanced tagging and filtering systems, where customers can make and share their own themed collections of content, as well as site-sponsored lists to cater to fetishes like braces, redheads, pubic hair, puffy nipples, feet and so on.
  • Dildo drive: Customers can buy and send in dildos and vibes for models to use on a shoot. The model gets to keep the toy, and makes a special video for the customer who sent it in.
  • Handwritten bios: Models hand write a short message before and after each shoot, telling members about their frame of mind and what they are looking forward it.
  • Control Panel: Allows members to manage a host of personal settings, security and billing features.

Unique selling tools

Because we produce all our content in-house, we’re able to make unique selling tools that are ideal for webmasters. Let us know what you need, and we’ll make it happen.

Excellent support

AW is easily contactable, to help you with any needs. You can expect responses in under 8 business hours.

Of course, our customers also receive excellent support . Responses are helpful and personable, and get issues resolved – fast.  Because of this, we have extremely low chargebacks and refunds.

Check out our testimonials page, to see the loyalty we inspire from our customers.

Weekly payouts

AW use GMBill.com as their primary processor, who ensure weekly payouts, excellent tracking and reporting tools, and fast support for any issues.

Cascading billing

We manage cascading billing from two billers, so you’re assured of sales because of bank downtime, system problems, or credit card refusals.

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